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I'm a content writer & editor.

I produce strategic marketing content for start-ups, tech companies, and innovators. I help content marketers, product marketers, and executives tell stories, achieve online presence, and build brands that communicate with their users. 

Who We Are

Good day to you! We are one valuable real human, Michele, who writes to be read.

I'm a mermaid, not a robot who writes creative technical content. 

Imagine a fish typing on a keyboard wearing a pink rain parka who sometimes plays guitar while writing about emerging tech.

I am a natural creative problem solver known from my years as a high tech project manager.  As AI rises, humanity will crave imaginative and heartfelt communication. 

Imagery is also a powerful sales tool.

How can I help you? Are you working on interesting stuff?  What markets or customers are you trying to attract? Perhaps you’re having trouble explaining your offerings to other businesses or the internet? Do you know more businesses need your services, but you cannot seem to bridge that gap?

One of my gifts is the ability to communicate highly technical topics across industries, countries and knowledge levels.

Together we can confidently tap into new markets with the magic of good communication:

Build your brand for success.
Attract your perfect clients.
Small business to corporate solutions.


Words can drive more traffic to your product, service, website or trade show booth. 

On stage, I am an excellent energizing speaker who can engage audiences in person or online with the words I scribe.  Speaking engagements from corporate boardrooms to conventions are enjoyed by all.  Together we can explore new avenues that will increase your profitable client pool. Let's solve your sales funnel issues today!


Published author, songwriter, poet and lyricist, as the sun rises my motivated brain fills with ideas. SCUBA diving is my passion, so I was not kidding about the mermaid thing.  My travel experiences with my immersed underwater hours will bring a fresh unique perspective to your content writing challenges.

I love to get shit done.  How can I help you?  Tell me everything.  Let's work together!

A Puppy Playing with a Toy


Blog Writing

Social Media Marketing

Content Strategy




+1 707-230-0412

How can I help YOU?

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